Learn to Articulate & Express Yourself Therapeutically

We are thrilled with the reception we’ve been getting for our ‘Shame and the Voice’ series of online classes. Whether you want to reclaim confidence your voice, feel more in-control of the sounds you produce or are curious about the health benefits to singing (and breathing), this trauma-informed approach to therapeutic vocalisation is sure to resonate with you.

‘Shame and the Voice’ is a four week course consists of 4 x 1 hour long experiential sessions exploring a range of themes to help you reclaim your voice :

Week 1 : Social Engagement System – how vocalization is central to our capacity as humans to self-regulate; build relationships and communicate effectively with others

Week 2 : Making Obnoxious Sounds (and why that’s important) – societal conditioning; ‘judgement’ of appropriate sounds; breaking free

Week 3 : Therapeutic Vocalization – how and why to stimulate the Vagus nerve through singing

Week 4 : Authentically You – uncovering your unique sonic signature

Each week will be recorded and made available to participants (included in price)

Our next Live course begins in February – sign up to our mailing list here to receive more information

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