Losing My Mind, Mindfully

“In June 2016 I had my first experience of debilitating grief, episodes of mental ill health and as if for the first time, felt I fully understood the meaning of vicarious trauma.  Just two months after my wedding, a very dear family member lost her first-born child, Hayley, who was born sleeping.

Within the next year, I found out I was pregnant with my first child and the devastating loss which I had witnessed; felt in every fibre of my body and psyche, massively impacted my perception and experience of that time in my life.

‘Losing My Mind, Mindfully’ is a short memoir of this series of events which will be available to buy from Friday 23rd April 2021 through my website www.roisinerskine.com

This will be a fundraising campaign to raise money for a ‘cuddle cot’ for the maternity hospital who supported my family through the early days of losing Hayley.  This simple piece of equipment costs just £1,500 and it extended the time that my family could spend with Hayley.  It was completely invaluable in those early days of grief-stricken shock and as a family, it feels like the least we could do in memory of Hayley to support others who are silently going through this pain and devastation.

We wanted to have the first edition ready for Maternal Mental Health Week (3rd – 9th May 2021) but we are still working on the final draft for full e-book and print publication which will be available later this year.  Sponsors of this first edition will automatically be eligible for the updated e-book when it is released.

Sincerest thank you in anticipation for your support in this effort.

To all those parents who have lost a child at any stage of their pregnancy, we extend our heartfelt sympathies to you.

Suggested donation, £10*.  Any donation will be most gratefully received and those who donate upwards of £30* will be invited to an intimate online gig celebrating women as creators and artists”

*Please note you will see “sineadhagen@yahoo.co.uk” on PayPal screens, she is my sister who is collecting funds for this event

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