What people say about our martial arts sessions:

“I was pleasantly surprised by the Systema Class. I have practiced martial arts before, but never from this organic perspective, using your body and your attackers body in such an original yet simple way. Róisín is an exceptional teacher and patiently explains each exercise as many times as necessary until you understand it. It is also very fun and useful and you learn to understand the human body from another approach. I am looking forward to playing in Systema Class again!” – Nur

What people say about Róisín producing their transformational events:

“Róisín has a rare combination of understanding the work intimately and being fantastically practical, solid and great fun in the delivery. She’s great at managing people, be that volunteers or artists and keeps in great spirits and handles the pressure even when at the very thin end of the Covid wedge. I highly recommend her for team management, event coordination and as an engaging and knowledgeable facilitator. She’s my no1 choice for a right-hand man.” – Adam

What people say about our “Shame & the Voice” course:

“This review comes straight from the heart. I feel able to communicate more from the heart after taking Roisin’s class. We were instructed to make sounds from different parts of our bodies and that truly helped me feel the resonance in my heart. Roisin was a terrific teacher and she embodies the work. She is so honest and we learned about how honesty affects the voice, engages the listener and let’s us feels the performer’s emotions. 
I deeply enjoyed and benefitted from the exercises and activities we did together and on our own time. Beatboxing was a total surprise and I am still practicing what Roisin taught us. Hearing others share their stories about when or how they first stifled their voice was also very meaningful to me. Humans have a lot of the same experiences and when we share them with each other it’s possible to feel much more care and connection to others. 
My heart wants to sing a review for this class as merely typing words won’t do. It’s worth it just to meet Roisin and catch some of her contagious energy and joy. I’m so happy I found her and was brave enough to join.”
– Lilly

What people say about our coaching sessions:

“Conquered my fears and did something I’ve wanted to do for a long time: perform solo in front of a crowd of strangers (mixed in with some friends)! It made it so much easier, knowing that the room was full of love, support and respectful attentiveness, all of which was harnessed and brought together by Roisin; a warm, kind, talented, beautiful woman. Thank you, Roisin! x” – Maria

What people say about our pranayama & meditation sessions:

“Yesterday I had the pleasure of tuning in to ZOOM for some breath work and meditation with Roisin. Roisin is a natural born guide and teacher. It was so easy to sign up and I reaped the benefits of the session for the rest of the day. Do yourself a favour and sign up for this class. Roisin is a goldmine of information and very skilled at leading a group and transforming energy from stressed to chilled! What a skill. 10 out of 10 !!! top quality” – Ursula

What people say about our online sessions:

“This has been a fantastic resource during the last few months.. it kept me connected with others at a level that was light hearted and uplifting. Definitely a great and positive coping mechanism during a tough period of time. I am the mother of a toddler so this was really accessible as I could join from home even when she was in the background.” – Catherine

What people say about our therapeutic & groupwork sessions :

“Roisin […] encouraged people from all walks of life (including me) to come together and enjoy a warm non judgemental social environment. Roisin is both dynamic and relaxed at the same time. She encourages gently everyone to get involved to the best of their ability, she creates a welcoming environment effortlessly. […] Being involved in this group has provided me with an opportunity to build my own social network, to feel part of something creative, to build a stronger sense of self. I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and know that as I go through my chemo this group will provide an important life line to me.” – Susan

What artists say about our signature “Wellbeing for Artists” sessions:

“As a creative person, I never knew what I needed for my own wellbeing until I experienced a session with Roisin. I was always looking out for something that sounded right for me and never found it. Until Roisin. Can’t describe now empowered her session made me feel. It’s hard to even put into words. You really do have to see it to believe it.” – Hannah

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