Who is Róisín Erskine?

Róisín is a female martial arts instructor, and a sound and yoga therapist with a passion for helping people access their innate capacity for self-healing, personal development and post-traumatic growth. When she’s not leading workshops or creating courses, she’s designing and producing transformational experiences for others to explore the world of therapeutic enquiry and self-actualisation. Interested to hear more about using a playful approach to this? Check out Togetherness venue at Wilderness Festival – even better if you can visit in person!

Holding a 400hr Advanced Certificate in Yoga Studies & Yoga Therapy, she then went on to complete a Diploma in Sound Therapy has since qualified as an Instructor of Systema Martial & Healing Arts from the Systema HQ in Toronto, having studied under Matt Hill for the last 3 years; receiving additional tuition from other esteemed and seasoned practitioners, both online and in person.

The eternal student, Róisín also recently qualified as a provider of the Safe and Sound Protocol, designed and informed by Dr Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory.

Róisín is always looking for new ways to deepen her experience and learn from many masters of their craft. All of these practices are largely complimentary and basically offer a broad range of access points for the same fundamental outcomes.

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With huge thanks to the Arts Council for Northern Ireland, I had the absolute pleasure of working on my first Original Meditation Music EP ‘Welcome hOMe”.

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What people say about our Systema Martial & Healing Arts Sessions:

“What I thought was just a self-defense class quickly turned out to be a course for overall self-awareness, protection and personal development. It was much more than I had previously expected it to be.

We discussed the fundamentals of breathwork and how proper breathing can help us regulate and protect our nervous system, thus keeping our fight-flight-freeze response insticnts from exploding and causing overwhelming sensations in whatever kind of situation we find ourselves in.

The breathwork was supplemented by relaxed movement. With the right guidance and feedback, it is amazing what one can learn about their thoughts and bodies; break through traumatic responses and create new pathways.

Systema training is unlike any other training I’ve ever experienced and I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone who wants to learn how to defend themselves or, even better, get to know themselves on a deeper level” – Lee (37), Belfast

Learn the art, joy and freedom of surrender