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If you’re looking for therapeutic ways to reconnect with yourself; support in exploring your unique style and creativity; or just curious about the well-being benefits of music, mindfulness and movement, then you’ve come to the right place.

Drawing on almost 2 decades of experience of supporting people through personal development; self-actualization and creative ways of healing trauma, within the context of post-conflict Northern Ireland and beyond, Róisín has honed her craft in creating and tailoring sessions to suit the needs of a whole range of diverse clients. You can see some of our previous contracts here.

Taking inspiration from the fields of embodiment, yoga therapy, sound therapy and performance arts, this trauma-informed approach to ‘finding your frequency’ and taking time to ‘explore your unique sonic signature’ is grounded in personal experience. Having used many modalities to cope with life’s most challenging times, Róisín has found that a bespoke cocktail of several compatible practices can be profoundly more impactful than a lifetimes practice in one discipline.

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